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Old Love


Submission Review (Series) – Magnum Awards 2016

Hi Annabel,
Thank you for your submission. You imagery has a surreal quality.

Image 1 is an effective photograph. The perspective, composition, color palette and imagery is a strong representation of your surreal style. How the magazine cover is juxtaposed with the woman is great. Image 2 has alluring lighting and color. Image 4 has an ethereal quality and provokes emotion with its dark moody atmosphere. Image 7 takes something away from the series to me, it seems to be a portrait of the man. The subjects’ faces don’t play an essential role in the other photographs, which draws the attention and concepts elsewhere. A couple images show profiles, and distant or obscured faces, which aren’t distracting. Image 3 also feels unnecessary, his socks and sandals are already seen in image 1. The depth of field, highlighting and repetitive patterns are captivating in image 9. Image 10 has a great narrative and quirkiness to it, similar to image 1.

I could see this becoming multiple miniseries, each with different characters playing different roles, but somehow connected. Your storytelling aspects are strong. Your viewers may want to see and know more about your characters. Ongoing series could be an interesting avenue.

Sequencing can play an important narrative role. What story do you want to tell your viewer? The opening and closing image can be very effective on the success of your series. your opening and closing photographs are successful. Editing can eliminate redundant images. Take a second look at your series to make sure each photographs adds some importance.

This is a great great series, with potential for growth! I enjoyed viewing it. Thanks again.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-23 om 09.00.03

Finalist series winners Exposure awards 2015 of LensCulture!

Finalist series winners exposure awards 2015!


Schermafbeelding 2016-02-11 om 08.45.25 Schermafbeelding 2016-02-11 om 08.45.35 Schermafbeelding 2016-02-11 om 08.49.29

Opening Oblivious vrijdag 5 Februari Frank Taal


Vandaag in het Leidsch dagblad!


Solo Oblivious bij Frank Taal gallery


Tentoonstelling Frank Taal!

Gister mijn serie in de Volkskrant!

Polen-in-Noordwijk-1 Polen-in-Noordwijk-3

Polen-4 Polen-5 Polen-6 Polen-9

Volkskrant artikel

Juryrapport AVROTROS Fotografieprijs 2015!

Prizes : AVROTROS Fotografiewedstrijd 2015 juryprijs

De laatste en grote winnaar van de AVROTROS Fotografiewedstrijd 2015 die bekend werd gemaakt was Annabel Oosteweeghel.

Juryvoorzitter Benno Tempel over de foto “een sterk beeld waarbij de enscenering tot in detail is uitgevoerd. Het is een beeld waar we veel uit hebben kunnen halen. De kleding, techniek, licht, aankleding en afwerking zijn goed. Het beeld krijgt een extra lading door het documentaire verhaal dat er aan ten grondslag ligt. Je kunt aan de foto aflezen dat er veel tijd aan is besteed en onderzoek aan vooraf is gegaan.

Gefeliciteerd Annabel!


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